Seasons of Consignment

Seasons of Consignment

We start accepting Fall & Winter items at the beginning of August. We accept fall & winter through the month of January. The best time to drop your items off are at the beginning of the season, rather than the end of the season. If you drop your items off in late January or early February you have to keep in mind that by that time a lot of people are already set with their winter items and are only looking for "good deals".

What sells best?

Women: Coats/Jackets & sweaters.

Mens: Coats/Jackets & sweaters.

Seasons of Consignment

We start taking Spring & Summer items in mid-February. Think bright colors! We take Spring & Summer through the beginning of July.

What sells best?

Women: Dresses (Especially Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses), skirts, tops & blouses. The more colors, the better.
Men: Polo shirts (Especially Ralph Lauren) and shorts.

Items That Are All Year Round

There are items that will sell regardless of the season. Below is a list of what we accept all year round.
Women: Shoes, jeans, pants, suits, blazers, purses & jewelry.
Men: Dress shirts, pants, suits, blazers, jeans & shoes.